We are pleased to introduce you to our latest innovation: the Professional series of wheels, designed specifically for commercial vehicles that demand flawless performance and reliability on every journey. A notable feature of these wheels is their ability to support a maximum load of 1,200 kilograms, a crucial element in ensuring that your commercial vehicles can meet any challenge.

Maximum Load is essential:

- Safety First: Road safety is a top priority for any driver. Professional wheels are designed to carry heavy loads safely, reducing the risk of accidents due to wheel failure and helping to keep your driving safe and reliable.

- Extraordinary Performance:
A maximum load capacity of 1,200 kg is the heart of these wheels. With it, your commercial vehicles can carry heavier loads and tackle difficult terrain without compromising performance.

- Durability and Reliability: Professional
wheels are made of high-quality materials and are designed to resist wear and tear and fatigue. This translates into reduced maintenance cost and increased durability.

For over fifty years, Fondmetal has been synonymous with excellence in alloy wheel manufacturing. With Professional wheels, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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