AL VIA call for proposals

investing in technology

AL VIA is an initiative aimed at supporting new investments by SMEs, in order to relaunch the production system and facilitate the exit phase from the socio-economic crisis that has also affected the Lombardy territory, through the granting of a medium-long term loan, backed by a guarantee from the AL VIA Guarantee Fund and combined with a non-refundable capital grant.

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FONDMETAL's tribute

On the occasion of the Italian F.1 GP in Monza, a parallel event was held in the streets of the city: MONZA FUORI GP. During the evening event, FONDMETAL carved out a space that was devoted to telling their experiences in the F1 world. On the stage, Gabriele Rumi, father of Stefano and Alessandra and founder of Fondmetal S.p.A. and Fondmetal F1, was remembered several times with some wonderful accolades, for which we sincerely thank RMC Motori. Read the full article

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