Welcome, off-road enthusiasts! Today we're here to introduce you to an exciting new entry in the world of off-road wheels: Bluster. This new wheel has been designed to meet the needs of adventurers who like to push the limits, offering not only superior performance, but also a breathtaking design. With three different finishes and three diameters available, Bluster is ready to transform your off-road riding experience. Let's find out together what makes it so special!

Bluster was designed with maximum durability and optimal performance in mind on the most challenging terrain. This off-road wheel is made with high quality materials, ensuring impact resistance and unparalleled robustness. Thanks to its solid structure, it easily faces the most difficult challenges you will encounter along your off-road route.

Bluster not only offers exceptional performance, but also stands out with its extraordinary design. Available in three different finishes - "Matt Black", "Matt Black Machined Lip" and "Matt Braun Black Lip" - you can customize your wheel to match your vehicle's unique style. Whether you prefer a bold and aggressive look or a touch of elegance, Bluster will meet your expectations.

Every off-road adventure requires a set of wheels suited to your specific terrain and needs. That's why Bluster is available in three different diameters: 17 inches for optimal maneuverability, 18 inches for a balance between performance and comfort and 20 inches to face the most extreme challenges in style. Choose the diameter that best suits your riding style and let Bluster take you wherever you want.