We are thrilled to present you with an extraordinary creation in the world of performance wheels: the 1972. This wheel was specially made to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, representing a work of art that combines performance, design and a tribute to the success story of the company. With three available diameters and three exclusive finishes, including one called "Glossy Black Bronze Machined", the 1972 represents the culmination of years of experience and passion. Let's find out together why this wheel is so special!

We know that every vehicle has specific needs, so the 1972 is available in three different diameters: 19 inches for extreme handling, 20 inches for a perfect balance between performance and comfort, and 21 inches for a commanding presence and unbeatable road holding. Whether you prefer a precise, sporty ride or superior comfort on your road trips, the 1972 offers the ideal choice to meet your needs.

The 1972 also offers you the possibility to personalize your style through three different finishes. In addition to the classic "Glossy Black" and "Glossy Black Machined" finishes, there is one special finish that stands out: the "Glossy Black Bronze Machined". This exclusive finish combines the elegance of glossy black with a touch of sophistication of bronze, achieving an extraordinary result. The 1972 in "Glossy Black Bronze Machined" finish is perfect for those who want a distinctive and sophisticated look for their vehicle.

The 1972 represents not only a top-level performance wheel, but also a tribute to the company's legacy of innovation and success. Its name evokes the year the company was founded and celebrates the path of excellence undertaken since then. With the 1972, you'll not only experience extraordinary performance, but also take a piece of automotive history and heritage with you. The 1972 is much more than a simple performance wheel: it is a symbol of prestige, passion and innovation. With its extraordinary combination of performance, design and exclusive finishes, the 1972 is ready to transform your driving experience. Celebrate the company's 50th anniversary in style by choosing the 1972 as a companion for your road adventures. Get on board and let yourself be carried away by the emotion of an uncompromising guide.