9EVO glossy black

Available size ECE NAD KBA
17 x 7 5 Holes
4 Holes
18 x 7 5 Holes
4 Holes
18 x 8 5 Holes
4 Holes
19 x 8 5 Holes
19 x 9 5 Holes
20 x 8 monodado Holes
5 Holes
20 x 9 monodado Holes
5 Holes
20 x 10,5 monodado Holes
5 Holes
20 x 12 monodado Holes
5 Holes
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Reducing the wheel mass does not only mean reducing the vehicle total mass: it mainly means reducing the unsprung mass. Lower weight of the unsprung mass ensures better tyre grip on the road surface.

If we consider that inertia is the tendency of a body to keep its equilibrium of rest or motion, the following conclusions ensue:

better response of shock absorbers, improved comfort, higher driving pleasure
better rotation inertia, hence improved performance in acceleration and braking
improved global vehicle performance
reduced fuel consumption.