We are proud to present Fondmetal Prestige, our new loyalty program dedicated to all customers who choose to purchase a set of our rims. This program offers a unique experience, allowing our customers to sign up for free via a dedicated app. Through this interactive platform, our customers will be able to send us photos of their car with our rims mounted, choose a special gift and activate the warranty. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Fondmetal Prestige and how it helps improve our customers' overall experience.

To make the loyalty program experience easy and accessible, we have created a dedicated app called Fondmetal Prestige. Our customers can sign up for free through this app, providing the four codes found in the set of circles to access all the exclusive benefits offered. With a simple and intuitive registration process, we invite all our customers to join Prestige to take full advantage of their relationship with us.

With Fondmetal Prestige, we want to create a more personal bond with our customers. Through the app, we offer them the opportunity to send us their photos, documenting how they use and enjoy our products. These photos not only help us better understand the needs and wants of our customers, but they also allow us to build a community of people who are passionate about our products. Furthermore, some of these photos may be selected to be shared on our social channels, giving our customers the opportunity to gain visibility and recognition.

Through Fondmetal Prestige, we also offer them the opportunity to choose a special gift as a sign of appreciation for their support. Through the app, our customers will have access to a selection of exclusive gifts to choose from. This allows them to receive a tangible benefit that goes beyond the purchase of our wheels, creating a value-added experience that makes them feel appreciated and special.

We are excited to reward our customers' loyalty and offer them an even more rewarding experience with Fondmetal Prestige.