Photovoltaic: power and consumption in real time

Fondmetal not only complies with the various quality standards, certified by the most renowned bodies in the segment, but is also environmentally friendly. Fondmetal wheels are in fact produced with a percentage of clean energy generated by the photovoltaic system installed in December 2010 at its production site.

Plant power: 448 kWp
Energy production since installation date: 5.882.400 kWh
Instantaneous energy production: 126 kW
CO2 not released into the environment: 3.823.560 Kg
Zero discharge: optimisation of water resources and zero pollution

Fondmetal has equipped itself with a zero-discharge system for the total recovery of waste water in the air leakage test area and in the painting processes. This has allowed the achievement zero discharge as well as a considerable saving in water consumption.

Raw materials and environment

Fondmetal favours raw materials with low environmental impact in its production processes:
  - The aluminium used for the smelting processes has a low carbon footprint, up to a minimum of 0.5kgCO2e/kg
  - The paints used for the colour are water-based and do not use solvents, thus ensuring a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to the environment.