STC-10 Matt Black Machined Lip

Available size ECE NAD KBA
19" x 8,0 5 Holes
19" x 9,5 5 Holes
20" x 9,0 5 Holes
20" x 11,0 5 Holes
22" x 9,0 5 Holes
22" x 11,0 5 Holes
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With the slender lines of its 10 sharp spokes, STC-10 Black Machined Lip captures in metal the essence of a star, symbol of perfection, power and absolute purity. An essential style of racing features to which the matt black finish with a precious milling on the wheel lip bestows a sporty elegance, further marked by the spectacular concave design, deeper in the set of rear wheels.


Produced by gravity casting, STC-10 Black Machined Lip sees the light by means of light aluminium alloy casting to which silicon gives maximum structural strength. FONDMETAL then completes the production process through advanced mechanical finishing processes using CNC milling equipment.

Through an accurate refinement work on thicknesses and details, FONDMETAL’s experience manages to combine without compromise structural strength and lightweight to offer excellent performance and a quality that you can actually touch.

STC-10 Black Machined Lip, available in the 19”, 20” and 21” sizes, is a true masterpiece, able not only to complete with masterful touch the aesthetic of high-end cars, but also to enhance with its excellent presence any car with character *.


No less than 7 finishes are available in addition to Black Machined Lip, devised by FONDMETAL to exalt the design to its utmost: Titanium and Silver for great class and elegance; Nero with its distinctive matt black total look giving a strong yet reserved personality; eye-catching Black milled and Titanium milled, further enriched by milling on the spoke edges; and finally Black Machined and Titanium Machined, aggressive and uncontrollable in the overflowing brilliance of the diamond finish of the front spokes.