STC-02 Nero

Available size ECE NAD KBA
20 x 9 5 Holes
(FLAT & CONCAVE)      
20 x 11 5 Holes
22 x 9 5 Holes
(FLAT & CONCAVE)      
22 x 10 5 Holes
(FLAT & CONCAVE)      
22 x 11 5 Holes
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Nearly an archetypal synthesis of technology and expression, STC-02 Nero makes the most of the purism of the STC-01 concave design, thanks to the great self-control of matt black that shifts the emphasis naturally towards the style of the car.

The precious aluminium alloy used and the extreme precision during the whole production cycle give life to an unmistakable wheel with five broad spokes, slightly tapered towards the outside and sharp as blades, with ultimate light weight and ease of handling, combined with great strength.

STC-02 Nero is produced by gravity casting with the high quality standards typical of FONDMETAL, using a special aluminium alloy enriched with magnesium to bestow the wheel with unique mechanical characteristics. A specific final heat treatment completes the hardening reaction.

The sporty vocation of STC-02 Nero, available in premium measures from 20'' to 22'', is clearly shown on looking at the large concavity pushed to the limit in the rear wheel, that makes this extreme wheel perfect for cars with sharp lines and exuberant personality *.

Thanks to no less than 5 different finishes available in alternative to Black, finding the most effective combination is easy with any kind of car: the Black Machined Lip with its diamond cut wheel edge shines to underline a luxury choice, whereas the bright and brilliant colours Titanium and Silver enhance the large surfaces of the rim, so as to express all their power, while the Black Milled and Titanium Milled finishes capture attention thanks to the glittering milling at the spoke edge.

*For a complete list of vehicles that allow fitment of concave rear wheels, please refer to the table.