7900 Matt Black machined

Available size ECE NAD KBA
15" x 6,5 5 Holes
4 Holes
16" x 7,0 5 Holes
4 Holes
17" x 7,5 5 Holes
18" x 8,0 5 Holes
16" x 6,5 5 Holes
4 Holes
17" x 6,5 5 Holes
17" x 7,0 5 Holes
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A crystal-clear representation of power and rush, 7900 Black Machined is the perfect alloy wheel to express strength and dynamism, key features for a successful confrontation with the challenge of the road.

The beautiful 5-spoke design evokes the harmonious shapes of a propeller and the whirling motion of a turbine. The considerable dynamic appearance of this wheel is further enhanced by the three-dimensionality of the spokes, which are sharp as blades and powerful as a hammer in the thicker spoke end with its triangular shape, whereas the matt black diamond cut finish enhances the contrast between the full deep black parts and the play of light of the bright diamond-cut surfaces.

7900 Black Machined takes its shape in gravity casting, an extremely reliable manufacturing technology that, combined with Fondmetal's production expertise and the purest aluminium alloy used, bestows the final product excellent mechanical characteristics, compactness and the first-class surface finish that makes its quality immediately perceivable.

Manufactured in a very wide range of sizes which include premium diameters, the 7900 Black Machined alloy wheel naturally fits every type of car, from city cars to sports vehicles: diameters range from 15” and 16” (also available in the 4 holes version for the most compact cars) to the large 22” ideal to equip the most challenging vehicles in terms of massiveness and performance.


The 3 available finishes in addition to Black Machined expand the choice for a stylish customisation of your car: Silver highlights all the vigorous shapes precisely with its delicate brilliancy; Black mysteriously emphasizes the most essential points and outlines the volumes with its velvety matt black hue.

Finally, the special Matek® Silver finish deserves a separate discussion: a unique and distinctive rugged textured surface coating that amplifies the concrete features and full volumes of this wheel to the utmost.