7600 Black machined

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7,5 x 17 5 Holes
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Essential yet unmistakable, 7600 Black Machined is a wheel with a modern and elegant design emanating nimbleness and power at the same time, like the athletic gesture of a champion that collects maximum strength from the pure smoothness of motion.


Beautiful is the aesthetical effect, and the original five split-spoke design extending towards the centre cap with the FONDMETAL logo makes them apparently longer and bestows the overall appearance of this wheel unique slenderness and harmony, that the technological glossy black diamond cut finish enhances by juxtaposing the diamond-cut surfaces of part of the spokes and wheel profile with the warm metallic tones of pure black.


The 7600 Black Machined alloy wheel is the result of an advanced project born from the integrated R&D system devised by FONDMETAL, which makes use of finite elements processing computer centers (FEM), able to take into account of the entire vehicle dynamics during design, and not just one of its details.

On top of that, a high quality production technology such as gravity casting and the selection of pure raw materials guarantee a final product of unbeatable quality.


For the 7600 Black Machined alloy wheel, the proposal of a very wide range of sizes from 16'' to 20'' confirms the great versatility of this design which is perfect to complete sleek sedans as well as coupés of high rank, and to give agility and a touch of elegance to SUVs and all cars with large dimensions.


As an alternative to the technological Black Machined, two other finishes are available: the bright classical Silver, able to emphasize all its curves as well as its more geometrical outlines, and Titanium Machined that further enhances the technical sophistication by juxtaposing the brilliant geometries of the diamond cut surfaces with the warm metallic tones of titanium.