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Available sizes ECE NAD KBA
17" x 8,5 6   5        
18" x 8,0 6   5        
20" x 9,0 6   5        

Wheel in detail

Challenge every terrain with the new Bluster wheel, the new Off-Rroad that redefines the concept of off-road adventure. Available in three different finishes, "Matt Black", "Matt Black Machined Lip" and "Matt Braun Black Lip", you can customize your wheel to match the unique style of your vehicle.

Every off-road adventure requires a wheelset suited to the specific terrain and needs. That's why Bluster is available in three different diameters: 17 inches for optimal maneuverability, 18 inches for a balance between performance and comfort and 20 inches to tackle the most extreme challenges in style.


Wheel images