9XR Nero

Available size ECE NAD KBA
20 x 9 5 Holes
22 x 10 5 Holes
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Where few dare to venture, there you can find 9XR: at the meeting point between strength, courage and style.

The needs of modern luxury SUVs, which combine the ability to move on hostile grounds with a considerable sprung mass, have led FONDMETAL to create a specific type of high-tech light alloy rim that can withstand significant loads and impacts while expressing a distinctive aesthetic value and optimum performance.


The five extremely robust split spokes claw the rim with an eye-catching and visually striking Y-design, and converge towards the wheel centre incorporating the five boltholes  within their profile.
The concavity at the wheel centre further enhances the elegant yet aggressive shapes of this extreme wheel.

The strength and the perfection of the 9XR shapes is guaranteed by the low-pressure casting method followed by specific heat treatment. Through this advanced production technology, absolute homogeneity of the aluminium alloy and top quality surface finish are achieved, thus allowing the creation of complex shapes and extremely precise details. All this is made possible by Fondmetal’s expertise and steady innovation developed through over 40 years’ activity.

9XR is manufactured in important sizes, 20” and 22”. Due to the features described, the match with top range SUVs such as Audi Q7, BMW X5, Range Rover, Mercedes GLK, Toyota Land Cruiser is immediate, however  9XR is perfectly suitable to luxury off-road vehicles and large saloons.

The three available finishes, Black, Black machined and Titanium, coupled with a design with a strong character, produce valuable and impressive aesthetic results for a flawless style in many application fields.