9STC-F1 Black milled

Available size ECE NAD KBA
20 5 Holes
21 5 Holes
22 5 Holes
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9STC-F1 Forged

Pure forms and a contemporary design distinguish the 9STC-F1 Forged, a real kinetic structure destined for the most exacting owner of a sporty supercar who expresses his uniqueness without the need of ostentation.


The concave shape with 5 wide and slightly tapered spokes conveys the feeling of power without effort, extreme lightness and elegance. 9STC-F1 Forged represents actual technical excellence in a perfect blend with a sophisticated minimalist design, that reaches its highest expression in the milled detail at the end of each spoke.


The 9STC-F1 wheel is manufactured by forging a single block of top quality aluminium alloy that is milled in the direction of the metal fibres. Through this incomparable technology, the best mechanical characteristics and, at the same time, the maximum possible lightness are achieved. The cavities inside the spokes add performance as well as aesthetics to the wheel, reducing the wheel volumes and making them slender.

The production in tailor-made sizes and premium diameters up to 22”, guaranteed by Fondmetal’s 40 years’ experience, complete the excellent picture of this cutting-edge alloy rim, which perfectly matches Supercars and G-segment vehicles with an aggressive line such as Ferrari California, Audi R8, AMG GT and BMW M4.

Among the refined and addictive Racing finishes available: Black Milled, Titanium Milled e Silver.