9RR Monodado

Available size ECE NAD KBA
20 x 9 monodado Holes
20 x 11 monodado Holes
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Available in the sizes 8.5” and 11x19” as well as 9” and 11x20”, 9RR Monodado is the special version of 9RR developed to fit the racing single-nut fixing system of Porsche GT3 vehicles.

The essentiality of the 9RR Monodado immediately conveys  its vocation: a multi-spoke light alloy wheel destined for the gentleman driver looking for perfect equilibrium, the ideal blend of lightweight and strength.


The style is typical of a classic racing rim design fitted on a road car, with 14 thin spokes that express extreme agility. The structure ensures, at the same time, unsurpassed strength and a minimum use of material, hence unequalled handling and comfort.


9RR Monodado is cast in low pressure and submitted to a heat treatment process that enhances its mechanical characteristics and resistance to elongation, a top-notch technology which allows a precise realisation of the thin perfect shapes that bestow character to this wheel design.

The production process determines exceptional compactness of the cast metal as well as excellent surface finish, but due to its sophistication, it requires all the time, care and attention that can only be reserved to state-of-the-art products.


The available finishes are Black and Silver, with two options for the satin finished centre ring: yellow and racing red, Fondmetal’s corporate colours.