9Forged Nero

Available size ECE NAD KBA
19 5 Holes
(7,60 Kg)      
20 5 Holes
(8,50 Kg)      
21 5 Holes
(9,80 Kg)      
21 SUV 5 Holes
(11,50 Kg)      
22 5 Holes
(12,00 Kg)      
22 SUV 5 Holes
(13,50 Kg)      
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At the sight of a 9Forged, one realises in a moment that this masterpiece is capable of transmitting the emotion of track and the pure melody of speed.

Before even appreciating its road performance, the thin elegant lines can be noticed that are indication of a long refinement through the toughest tests, those that only leave the essence intact. This is exactly the case when you think of a shape born out of a function: the harmony of this lightweight and performing five-split-spokes design is the immediate consequence of the ruthless selection on the racing fields.

Through the forging process, every wheel originates from a block of pure metal that is literally milled in the direction of the metal fibres.

Thanks to this unsurpassed technology, which refines molecular structure and aligns it with the load directions, a product is obtained that has the best possible mechanical and performance features, a perfect blend of light weight, rigidity and strength.

Manufactured in tailor-made sizes with 19” to 22” diameters, the 9Forged represents the ideal choice for the driver of a Supercar requiring a wheel with uncompromising performances and exuberant personality.

Its pure racing appearance is the ideal complement to any sporty top-range car (G-segment), as it is in perfect assonance with the shapes and grit of McLaren Mp4, Porsche 911, Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan.

The available finishes conceived for this true technological jewel are the classic “racing” colours: Black, Titanium and Silver.


Finally, a version specifically studied for SUVs is available, custom-made and with 22” diameter, which enhances the strength characteristics and is able to withstand the heaviest duties while keeping its elegant and essential appearance.