Fondmetal 8100

FONDMETAL Style in Motion has a new member

FONDMETAL Style in Motion has a new member: 8100, a new 5 spokes wheel born to fit the largest part of calipers in the market. It is going to be available with different types approvals: ECE, German ABE and Italian NAD. 100% proudly Made in Fondmetal can be made on request with dedicate fitment.

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Regulations concerning wheel system and Decree 20

The application date of Decree 20 was to be March 2014, but due to the particular economic situation that penalised this segment, and on request of the Association, an extension to December 31 st 2014 was first granted for the applicability of Decree 20, then a derogation for the disposal of stocks. In particular, the derogation provided by the Decree dated 24 February 2015 takes into consideration the need to market wheels left in stock (which are not conforming to DM 20) and stipulates that wheels produced and imported within 30 November 2014 can be marketed in Italy within 30 September 2015. The derogation is limited to wheel manufacturers that are acknowledged to be compliant for mass production by Direzione Generale della Motorizzazione or by a Vehicle Test Centre. The Ministry of Transport has issued a dynamic list of manufacturers ( ) who have required and obtained the derogation. For more information you can download the brochure issued by Assoruote to help the consumer clarify this matter once and for all.

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