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Made in Italy


Contact us! We'll elaborate the best Fitment you need.

SETUP@FONDMETAL.COM is the new service offered by FONDMETAL S.p.A. to all its customers wishing to change, enhance, improve their car setup.
It will be enough to specify the vehicle type, the required wheel size and the type of setup: FONDMETAL's engineers will then elaborate the correct fitment, giving the customer the most suitable solution.

SETUP@FONDMETAL.COM will enable customers to adjust and customise
their vehicle setup, choosing from among 6 different possible solutions:

RACE: Only technology and performance without compromise, for those who are never satisfied
SPORT: The best compromise between lightweight, stability and performance
DESIGN: When style makes the difference and design is everything
WINTER: For all those who require maximum tyre grip in the most severe weather conditions
ECO: For all customers wishing to optimise fuel consumption
OFFROAD: Strength and tenacity to allow you to go everywhere. The correct fitment for 4x4 and SUVs

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