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Made in Italy

Range 2017

Alloy Wheels, Car Wheels, Alloy rims, production and sales

Speed, Innovation and Design: three concepts that perfectly summarise the characteristics of the alloy wheels, car wheels that Fondmetal offers for the new 2017 collections.

9PERFORMANCE. Technology and lightness, suitable for a sportsman par excellence, who considers the alloy wheel not a simple accessory, but an essential component, able to improve overall vehicle performance.

SUPERTUNING. Excellence and attention to details in this new range, born for the car lovers who wish to distinguish themselves and are looking for exclusivity. With new finishings, manual milling and Deep Concave design to distinguish the aspect of the four wheels, the STC offer a design with different concavity for the front and the rear rim.

STYLE IN MOTION. Tradition and Innovation in this alloy wheels line which contains all the experience of our 43 years' history. Style, colours, designs and sizes to satisfy all the fans' needs.

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Reducing the wheel mass does not only mean reducing the vehicle total mass: it mainly means reducing the unsprung mass. Lower weight of the unsprung mass ensures better tyre grip on the road surface.

If we consider that inertia is the tendency of a body to keep its equilibrium of rest or motion, the following conclusions ensue:

• better response of shock absorbers, improved comfort, higher driving pleasure
• better rotation inertia, hence improved performance in acceleration and braking
• improved global vehicle performance
• reduced fuel consumption.

* ECE or NAD homologated wheels


The new SuperTuning line is a clear demonstration of Fondmetal's continuing commitment to developing and researching new design and new high-tech finishing. It was thought for the most exacting car lovers, someone who wants to be different and is looking for a 100% Made in Italy certified quality product.

New finishings come from the experience of FONDMETAL in engineering and manufacturing of forged wheels, they are in fact made by using the same high precision CNC milling machine so to reach and polish surfaces otherwise not reachable by a normal lathing machine.

This new line includes five premium-size designs characterized by a concave style and luxury finishes: the SuperTuning Concave (STC), which are featured by a different design between the front (sometimes flat to ensure a perfect fitment even to the most performing brake systems) and the rear (conceived to obtain the deepest possible concavity).

STC models look strong and dynamic and they are synonymous of aggressive style.

* ECE or NAD homologated wheels

Style in Motion

Producing wheels for Fondmetal is more than just manufacturing an accessory, it is the art of combining 43 years of history and love for motorsport. Creating new designs that combine high tech processes with purpose-built aesthetics is the driving force behind our passion.

Style in Motion wheels represent the best Fondmetal product with different designs in a variety of sizes and finishes to fit the widest range of cars available on the market.

* ECE or NAD homologated wheels

Informativa decreto 20/2013

Which wheels can be sold in Italy?

Since January 1st, 2015 and, for wheels under derogation, as from October 1st, 2015, only rims homologated according to the European UN/ECE 124 regulation (ECE homologation) or according to the Italian decree DM 20/2013 (NAD homologation) can be sold. Exception is made for replacement wheels supplied directly by the vehicle manufacturer.

Are financial penalties applicable in case of sales of non-homologated wheels?

Art. 77, para. 3-bis, of the Italian Traffic Laws is applicable. This sets an administrative penalty for who imports, produces or sells on the national territory without the required homologation. Additionally, the seizure and confiscation of the component are applied, even if the part is installed.

In this section of our website you can get additional information on the mentioned regulation.